Walnut Tray

My wife happened to see the plans for a dining room table tray in one of my Woodsmith magazine articles and asked me to make it. The original plans call for Oak, but she wanted it in Walnut. Went down to my local wood store and got a nice piece of 2" Walnut. I have never made anything like this before so it was a new experience. Lots of bandsaw work. Read More...

Wall Mirror

A while back I came across some wall mirror plans from Woodsmith. Finally decided to make the mirror. I wanted to do something different (I use a lot of oak for my projects) so I bought some African Mahogany. That stuff is expensive!! But, it is totally beautiful.


Shop Cart

I found these plans for this shop cart at Woodsmith.com after watching the video on their TV show. It is pretty handy to have in the shop for a little extra table space and the table saw extenders. I used it recently to rip some long boards on my table saw and the extenders (on the sides of the cart) work great once you have them setup properly.


The Plug

You are probably wondering about that title. This is not exactly a woodworking entry, but it is a woodworking support entry, so to speak. If you are wondering what that thing is, it is a 220 plug!! The same kind you use for your dryer and your cooking range. Hang in there, I can explain. If you ever do any woodworking during the Winter, this will all make sense.


Farmhouse Table

A friend from my work asked me to help him build a Farmhouse Table. He had gotten plans from the Internet and forwarded them to me for review. The plans called for making the table out of Douglas Fir, your basic construction lumber. My friend and I went to the local big box store and picked out the lumber. We tried to get the best pieces we could find, but construction lumber ain’t exactly like working with nice quality hardwood. Read More...