Woodshop Talk

My Adventures In Woodworking

My primary calling in life was Police Officer. I did police work for 30 years. Having all the fun a human being could possibly have, I retired from police work and now in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

I first became interested in woodworking about 30 years ago. Through most of my police career up until today I have been a woodworker. There have been times of inactivity where my schedule (midnight shift anyone) did not permit a great deal of time and/or energy to pursue woodworking, but I never gave it up. The fact is, I just love wood. I like the feel of it. I like the smell of it. I like the look of it. God made it. He allows me to shape it and build good things.

I have grandkids which keeps me quite busy, limiting my time for woodworking projects. Despite the limited time for woodworking I have still been able to complete many projects over the years from hope chests to book cases to tables. I am always looking forward to my next project. Of course, there is always a need for new tools!