I am NOT a construction carpenter!! After completing the Wall Mirror I wanted to build a shed before Winter arrived. Definitely don’t want to be building a shed in -10° that is for sure! I got the plans for the shed off Amazon. They were fairly well done, but left a few things to the imagination if you know what I mean. If it wasn’t for my son helping me on the phone I would never have made it.

Basically, the shed is made out of 2×4’s, OSB (for the roof and floor) and T1-11 fir siding. It is very well made although I did make a few boo boo’s along the way. I sure learned a lot about construction style building.The reason for building the shed was so my wife could store some of the stuff she has in the garage, thus freeing up additional space for my woodworking shop. Yes!!

The best parts about building the shed were I got to buy a framing nailer and the guys that roofed our house about the same time agreed to roof the shed (which was great, I now nothing about roofing). The framing nailer (Senco brand) is very cool and fun to use. It is a little dangerous, you have to operate with care, but what a time saver. If I was pounding those nails by hand I would be still building the shed! Be sure and check out the photo gallery of the production process.