I haven’t been doing much woodworking of late, but am just now getting back into it. I am about to begin a new project making a 3 panel screen for our basement to cover some unsightly things down there (article to follow). I attempted to plane the Maple hardwood I am using for this project without much success. The wood was having difficulty feeding through the planer.

I looked that problem up in the troubleshooting area of the manual which noted that the blades may need sharpening. I have had this planer for about 5 or 6 years and have been using the same blades.

I have no clue how to sharpen planer blades, but after consulting the planer manual I noted the the blades are two-sided. It shows how to loosen the screws and turn them over to the other side which has a new blade. I did this on all three blades. Fortunately there is no real adjusting to be done. The blades fit in a certain way. You just have to be sure they are seated properly. Once the blades were turned over (from end to end) and tightened down I ran a couple of test boards through. Man, what a difference! The boards fed properly and the planning was smooth. You can really see a difference in the wood shavings, much finer with the new blades. Now I am ready to take on that Maple and my screen project.