This past winter I built a wet bar in our basement. It was a great winter project, working mostly indoors in a fairly moderate environment. I got the plans online at a site that exclusively had plans for wet bars. There were several to choose from. Of course, I had to choose one of the largest ones.

The plans called for the following. The framework is made from construction lumber. The large surface areas are made from oak plywood and the trim is made of oak hardwood. The top of the bar and the counter are covered with laminate. This was a huge project, but as always, I learned a lot in the doing of it.

Attaching the formica top to the bar area was a real bear. I had to do it two times, but I finally got it right. I removed the excess formica with a palm router and a flush trim bit. As you can see, I used tons of clamps during the construction of the project.

I used a Rosewood oil-based stain on the Oak, it came out pretty well. Be sure and check out the photo gallery of the production process.