I saw the plans for this planer stand in the October 2011 edition of Woodworkers Journal. This stand fits my limited space shop perfectly, it has a very small footprint when everything is folded up to it’s smallest size. As you can see the stand has wings that fold out for stacking your lumber while planing a lower shelf and an extension with a roller on it to catch your lumber.

Needless to say it is mobile with locking castors all around. It is constructed of 3/4 inch finish plywood so it is very sturdy. It even has some sand for ballast underneath the lower shelf. This helps balance out the weight of the planer on the one end.

This isn’t fancy indoor furniture so I finished it with some Golden Oak Watco Wood Oil. I put on a couple of coats. It worked just fine for the stand. I just wanted to give it a bit of a sealer from the cold.

The only downside to this project is it costs a few hundred $ to build. But, it is worth it. It is a total planing system. Plus, I got to cut a bunch of the plywood parts with my new Dewalt Track Saw, what a beautiful piece of equipment. Once you get the hang of it, it works flawlessly.

If you do a lot of planing, this stand is totally worth it. I just roll it out, do my thing, put the wings back down and roll it away. Seamless. Be sure and check out the photo gallery of the production process.