Been kind of busy so I haven’t posted on the website in a while. But, I just finished this tool cart. Believe it or not I found the plans in The Family Handyman magazine, a really fun read. The tool cart is made of Birch plywood and leftover Mahogany. It took quite a while to build, working with 3/4 inch sheets of plywood is not easy. A panel saw would have been perfect; maybe someday.

Why this tool cart? Here is how my shop works. I have a three car garage. One car of it is the space where I store my tools. Most of my main tools are on stands with wheels. When I am working on a project, I put the cars in the driveway and roll my equipment out into the garage area to work. That way I have a pretty good sized shop area. Up until now, most of my frequently used tools were scattered all over my shop. I built the Tool Cart to contain my most used tools. After I roll out my equipment I then just roll out the tool cart into the shop area and I have all my most needed tools in one place, and it is portable! It really works nicely, very cool.

I would not say I was a great cabinet and drawer maker, but I definitely learned some things working on this project. I had some leftover Mahogany so the project probably cost me about $400 or so, but it was well worth it. It already saves me a ton of time by just keeping those hand tools on step away. You can do this many different ways, but I finished the cart with a light oak colored Watco Wood Oil.

When I am finished with my project, or at least finished with what I am going to do in that session, I just roll the tool cart over into the tool storage part of the garage. After clean up, I just pull the cars back in where they belong.

Here is a link to the project plans if you would like to try this. If you have the space it really is very “handy”. Be sure and check out the photo gallery of the production process.